My search for inspirational women and brand ambassadors for SHE WHO DARES has been so far an inspirational journey in itself.  And what I have come to realise is that I never really needed to look very far.  I am surrounded by women every day who have a story to tell, or who have already achieved great things.  I was asked recently if we are still doing our SHE WHO DARES Woman of the Year Awards.  Well, this is something I had wanted to do, but I am now wondering if you can really put someone’s achievement above somebody else’s, as I have learned that so many achievements are significantly personal to the individual.  Take my mum for example, she came to England with my Nana and Grandad, as my Grandad was in the Royal Navy and was relocated from Malta to Portsmouth, England on 12th June 1958.  My mum had limited English vocabulary and didn’t finish school.  She worked in factories in her late teens and into her adulthood, and in 1970 met my Dad, who was also in the Royal Navy.  When I was a teenager my mum enrolled on a night school class at what was then Portsmouth Polytechnic.  She worked incredibly hard and achieved a GCSE English qualification.  Now for someone with a PHD or a University degree, this would be a drop in the ocean in terms of academic qualifications, but for my mum, this was hugely significant, a great achievement and we were all so very proud of her.
Someone who swims a length in a pool, when terrified of water, achieves a massive personal goal, even though they are not competing in the Olympics! Someone who goes back to work after suffering with an illness or depression, is taking a scary step back into the world.  So achievements which are high profile, are of course to be admired and celebrated, but I want to find the untold stories, women who have dared to dream, or dared to step out of their comfort zone to achieve something significant to them.
Nominate to Celebrate:
SHE WHO DARES is all about celebrating women, acknowledgment and recognition.   If you have a story to tell, you can nominate via our website and we will celebrate it, and hope it will inspire others.
I believe in life you have to dare to dream.  My message is aways simple: ‘Never give up – nothing is impossible.’

OMG!!! I have spent the morning with the factory and we finally have our finished fragrance, cello-wrapped, boxed and ready to be shipped!  It looks amazing and was worth EVERY bit of the development process to get it right. Thank you also to all of our factories here in the Britain who have been involved in the production process to get the ’eminence’ fragrance to market.  It has been an amazing journey, one I wont forget!  And now the next phase starts… sending the finished samples out to the retailers!

A final thank you also to Simon – for your patience… it has all been worth it!

Have a great day everyone – I feel on top of the world!

We are almost there now with the fragrance cap, just awaiting the final two samples, then I can choose which one goes into production!  We will have the finished stock by the end of August and I cannot wait!!  It is such an exciting time after two years of solid work developing the SHE WHO DARES brand. I will upload photos as soon as I have the finished product :-)



Hey everyone – all go go go here at She Who Dares…  we have had the cap samples back for the fragrance and they are looking stunning – I just have to choose a colour now!  This is the bit of the process that makes me nervous, as I want to make the right decisions and choices, as once it is in mass production, there is no going back!  I will soon have the bottle samples with options of colour and finish also.

Well, I did want a bespoke bottle & cap so I have to embrace the pressures and responsibility that comes with it!  Once I have the options in front of me, I will simply go with my gut instinct, something I used to rely on when I first started out in business and had no experience of anything except being able to make conversation with passengers in my taxi, lol.  Your gut instinct is all good, and mine never lets me down.

The Style Guide is complete and the packaging is looking stunning.  I cannot wait for Spring Fair in February when I will have a warehouse full of stock and the development process will be complete.  The Signature Leather Handbag is also looking rather classy, as is our Swarovski Necklace & Clutch Bag, all beautifully boxed / gift packaged.

Watch this space!… the SHE WHO DARES collection is coming soon ….   xxx






I have been asked to speak at the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy on 8th November and must say that I am very much looking forward to it.  Having been a student myself when I created Destination, I always feel at home talking to students about the Brand and the journey taken to get it to where it is today.

Things are moving forward rapidly now with the two new editions of Destination for the London 2012 Olympic Games.  We have a family edition and a junior edition about to go into production.  Very exciting times!

The Harry Potter edition Destination Hogwarts is now on the Harrods and Debenhams websites and Tesco Direct have just placed their first order!  Harrods have just launched an exciting Harry Potter shop where you can explore the world of Harry Potter, oh and of course purchase a Destination Hogwarts game!  We have just had a copy of the Harrods Catalogue which features the game also,  so we shall be keeping a copy for the archive!

Have a great day…. keep moving forward…


With Christmas approaching we are delighted to already have re-orders from Toys R Us for Destination Hogwarts.  We only delivered the stock on 1st September, so this is a good sign!

Destination London 2012 is still a work in progress but will hopefully be signed off very soon.  Bespoke cap and bottle for the new SHE WHO DARES fragrance have now gone to tool and I cant wait to see the finished product.   We will have the website for SHE WHO DARES completed soon and I very much look forward to this going live.

Exciting times!




Another sunny day – its August and my favourite month of the year.

I have travelled around the world trying to find the prefect bottle and cap for our new fragrance.  Eventually I settled on a combination that looked great, but it never felt quite right.

I have since found a company that specialise in bespoke bottles and caps for fragrance and we have come up with the most stunning design which is totally unique to the brand.  And boy did we make the right decision, as one of the other caps that we had short listed is now on another fragrance, so there would have been nothing unique about it.

It costs a small fortune to have a bespoke bottle made and cap designed, but once it is perfect , then we have got it forever.  The bottle is perfect and the  model for the cap is almost complete, then it goes to tool.  Once the tool has been made it will go into production.

The fragrance itself is beautiful and has been ready for a while now.  I am glad I went with my gut instinct, as I now have the same excitement that I had when I first launched the games.  I can’t wait until Christmas when we launch the brand to the public!

Enjoy the sunshine – good thoughts all the way….


Good morning, and what a fab day it is already!

Today I am finalising the plans for the Autumn Fair trade show that we have booked two stands for, one for the Destination games and one for the SHE WHO DARES fragrance and accessories.  Its a very exciting time and everything I have been working on over the past 12 months is falling into place.

Just received some parcels – it feels like Christmas this morning.

Have a great day – good thoughts all the way…