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Exclusive to Rachel Lowe, these nostalgic jigsaws featuring celebrated comedy duo Laurel and Hardy will both perplex and delight. Immerse yourself in the most famous movie scenes of all time to feature a jigsaw puzzle.

Ollie is fully prepared for his upcoming nuptials to the daughter of an oil tycoon when chaos ensues after he unwraps a jigsaw puzzle – a wedding day gift from Stan. Experience the maddening distraction that only a jigsaw can bring by completing the picture brain teaser at the heart of the 1933 Laurel and Hardy movie ‘Me and My Pal’.

Grab a brew, pull up a pew and prepare to tackle one or both of these black and white Laurel and Hardy jigsaws. Joined by a friend in a ‘four eyes see more than two’ jigsaw tactic to crack the puzzle? Cool heads will be required to avoid the challenge descending into the type of farce that the iconic duo brought upon themselves with hilarious regularity.

These puzzles featuring two scenes from the 1930s movie will test the mettle of any jigsaw fan thanks to the monochrome hues that only black and white movies can produce. They will make the perfect gift for any puzzler pal thanks to the special meaning a jigsaw has in the unique friendship between Laurel and Hardy in the silent short.

500pc Laurel and Hardy Puzzle

The premise of the 20-minute film will be a familiar one to any jigsaw fan. Ollie declares “this is the happiest day of my life” as Stan unboxes the jigsaw. While Ollie attempts to make final tweaks to his big day attire, neither can resist having a quick go at the puzzle before they set off to the church.

This 500pc jigsaw features Laurel and Hardy spreading the pieces out in a scene that represents their relationship. Stan reveals he has bought his pal the jigsaw so that the pair can share the challenge and so have something to do together after Ollie is wed. Could it be that Stan has bought Ollie the jigsaw as a symbol of their enduring partnership while knowing that the addictive perplexity of the much-loved picture puzzles will derail his friend’s wedding day altogether?

1000pc Laurel and Hardy Puzzle

Unable to leave the puzzle alone until it’s solved, the pair grow increasingly frantic. In the ensuing movie madness, Laurel and Hardy are joined by the butler, a telegram delivery boy, a taxi driver, a cop and even the father of the bride to complete the jigsaw.

This 1000pc jigsaw shows all of the ensemble engrossed in the challenge as the hour of the wedding draws near. A sense of reality then appears to dawn on the party as they opt to abandon the puzzle and depart for the ceremony.

That is until having finally gotten into the taxi, Ollie asks Stan to make sure he has the ring. Searching his pockets, Stan discovers a piece of the jigsaw and hurries back inside to put it in place, now meaning there’s just a solitary blank left space to fill. The inevitable then occurs as a crazy hunt begins for the elusive missing final piece. The wedding now off, Laurel and Hardy’s perplexing partnership through life is now secured – all thanks to a jigsaw.

Laurel & Hardy 1000 Piece & 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle Bundle

For the ultimate fan, buy the bundle of both jigsaws and complete the scene!

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