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Make your mischief with the Beano Board Game that celebrates the 70th anniversary of Dennis first appearing in the UK’s No.1 comic. The Beano has a dedicated fanbase from around the world as many grew up with Dennis and his messy black hair, mischievous grin, and iconic red and black stripes forever in their imaginations.

No matter the age, generations can now come together and relive some of their favourite pranks from the Beano world. A top choice to roll out for games night, this is an absolute must for the collection if you’re a true Beano buff.

The Beano is the longest-running British children’s comic magazine and in August 2019 it celebrated its 4000th issue as it continues to provide joy for all ages.

Play as Dennis the Menace, Gnasher, Minnie, Roger, Billy Whizz, or Pieface as players make the journey through Beanotown playing pranks and trying to avoid being found out by the Teacher. It might be a stink bomb, custard pie, or a whoopie cushion, the first prankster to leave their mischievous mark on six different locations is declared the winner.

Whether you’re the known menace of the family causing trouble on the daily or the silent jokester biding their time in the shadows until the time is right to strike, the Beano Board Game has hours of family fun packed inside.

Ideal for 2-6 players and all Beano fans of all ages 8+

Product dimensions: 40 x 27 x 5cm Weight: 0.95kg

Composition: Cardboard 95%, Plastic 5%