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Call The Midwife Board Game


Make your way through the streets of Poplar with The Call the Midwife board game, featuring all your favourite characters.

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Imagine this: you’re a Nonnatus House midwife, inundated with calls that will take you all over Poplar!

The aim of the Call the Midwife game is to be the midwife who delivers the most babies. But just like in the much-loved BBC One television series, there’s always a drama involved. You must try and deliver all your babies without delay! But will you get redirected to Dr Turner’s surgery and nearly miss your chance to win? After your first delivery, you’ll need to race back to Nonnatus House and find out where your next stop will be. Try not to get a flat tyre and for goodness sake, don’t forget your hospital kit – your next stop might be twins!

This Rachel Lowe Call the Midwife board game faithfully immerses you in the world of East London’s favourite midwives, nuns and doctors. As you move around the board and make the most deliveries possible, there’ll be obstacles standing in your way. Up for the challenge? Think you can be the fastest midwife in Poplar? Pick your character, roll the dice, collect your delivery cards and cycle your way around Poplar in this fast-paced game of chance.

A wonderful gift for fans of Call the Midwife, this equal parts tense and exciting board game is a heartwarming addition to the television show. Easy to learn and great for bringing the whole family together, this is the only way to become the best midwife in town without passing any exams!

  • 2-4 players
  • Ages 8 years+