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O traveller, adventure awaits! Slash your way through verdant jungle and dodge the maw of death in Jumanji: a world for those who seek to find a way to leave their own one behind! Running from time as well as beasts out for your blood, every roll of the die is accompanied by a desperately pounding heart. Chance dogs and nips at your heels as you navigate around the board and decode the riddles. Every space on the board has a different action to be taken, each with its own consequences – and none of them are pleasant!

Your goal is to be the first to leave by reaching the centre of the board and shouting “Jumanji!”, but your passage is contested by the board and time’s flowing sands, as well as your fellow players. You’re being trusted with your companions’ lives with every die roll and decision, but you also hold the power to derail their progress with the rampaging rhino, so will you roll the coveted hourglass or doom your friend to a grisly death between a crocodile’s jaw? Be sure to keep one eye on the Doomsday Grid as it slowly fills up, taunting all with its promise of no escape.

Whether you’re a thrillseeker looking for terror from the comfort of your home or you’re looking to sink back into the nostalgia of your childhood living room, Jumanji patiently awaits you. So pack your equipment and ensure your weapons’ edges are polished, But remember, don’t begin unless you intend to finish!