Laurel & Hardy 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle


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This Laurel and Hardy 1000 piece puzzle will provide you and the whole family with hours of fun to get your brain working. A challenging 1000-pieces, this will see you through many rainy days spent in the living room either on your own or in a group and will be a boastful accomplishment for those involved.

The image you will be piecing together is a unique screengrab from Laurel and Hardy’s 1933 short film “Me and My Pal”, where the famous pair and their friends get distracted with a jigsaw of their own which features in the lower half of the picture. You can see Oliver Hardy wearing his iconic top hat in the middle of the photograph, with Stan Laurel to his right, joined by other characters to add to the challenge. This famous duo from classic Hollywood are as timeless as jigsaw puzzles themselves. This is a thoughtful gift idea for any vintage cinema fan or a puzzle expert looking for something new to sink their teeth into. It features a sharp black and white colour palette which gives it a classic charm and adds to the level of difficulty.

The 1000 pieces are made from high-grade materials for a sturdy build, with a beautiful finish thanks to top-notch photo quality.

This puzzle will be packaged in a neat, attractive presentation box for easy storage and handling.