Rachel Lowe Featured in Forbes

Rachel Lowe Featured in Forbes


I was delighted to be featured in Forbes Entrepreneurs this week for an interview with Philip Salter. We spoke about how I first started out in the industry, and discovered my love for both television and board games. We also discussed how I am carrying this forward with the University of Portsmouth and their students.

Read the beginning of the article below:

Rachel Lowe’s entrepreneurial journey started while working as a taxi driver while at university in the early 2000s. She had an idea for a board game in which taxis were the playing pieces, and the city with various destinations earning the players fares. The idea eventually became the best selling Destination board game.

Lowe’s passion for board games can be traced back even further though – to a childhood playing board games with her family. She invented her first game when she was at school. “I believe it is still in my mum’s attic. I remember my teacher telling us a story about someone he knew who made a game and got it published,” she says.

You can read or listen to the full article online here.

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