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Elf on the Shelf Board Game


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You’ve heard of Elf on the Shelf – now get ready for Elf on the Shelf, the board game!

Every night throughout the magical Christmas Season, once the children are in bed, the Scout Elves leave Santa’s Workshop and travel to the homes of all of the children on Santa’s list.

They have a very important job to do: make a note of what they see and report back to let Santa know if the children have been naughty or nice!

As you travel around the board, the Spinner will decide whether you’re Naughty or Nice. If you’re nice, you’ll be showered with Candy Canes – but if you’re Naughty, those Candy Canes will be taken away!

Will the Scout Elves recognise your good deeds and reward you with a place on Santa’s Nice List? Or will they catch you misbehaving and place you on the Naughty list?

Well, you can always win the Snowball Fight to be given an extra Candy Cane just in case…

The player that collects the most Candy Canes wins!

This game is the perfect companion to those cosy Christmas nights. So grab a cup of hot chocolate, turn on the fairy lights and settle down in front of the Christmas tree with all of the family.


– Brand new board game, perfect for Christmas 2022!
– For children aged over 5 and adults.
– Find out if you’ve been Naughty or Nice!
– A great festive family game to play over the Christmas season.
– Manufactured using only the highest quality materials.