WWE Wrestlemania Playing Cards


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Do you know your heels from your hot tags? Your Superman Punches from your Gorilla Press Slams? If you’re a fan of WWE’s greatest sports entertainers, it’s time to add the Rachel Lowe WWE Wrestlemania Playing Cards to your armoury. A great gift for pro wrestling fans and collectors of awesome wrestling merchandise, our WWE Playing Cards commemorate everyone’s favourite torso twisting gladiators.

Presented in a Wrestlemania themed box, our 52 superstar playing cards are jazzed up with images of all the G.O.A.T’s. From Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch to Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston and Triple Crown Champion the Rock to World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns, each card is illustrated with a double image plus the name and signature of WWE’s most notorious stars. This poker-size deck comes in a decadently dark crimson and black colour way, ready for you to try your luck at your very own casino-style table.

Enjoy the hair-whipping, friendly rivalry of a game of poker; master the art of the bluff with Texas Hold ’em, risk it all with Omaha Hi-Lo or take your chances on raising the championship belt with Five Card Draw. Prefer classic card games without a buy-in? Our cards provide just as much entertainment when playing Snap, Rummy or Spades! Host regular gaming nights, take them on the road or enjoy them for yourself with a traditional game of Solitaire.

With the WWE Wrestlemania Playing Cards, you’ll be playing every game with the luck of the legends in your hands.

  • 52 card deck
  • Poker size cards
  • WWE Wrestlemania themed